Tutoring: Friend or Foe?

Let’s just admit it: many of us are reluctant to ask for help. We don’t want to ask for it, we don’t want to need it. We may offer help, but being on the offering side is a different, easier story. Asking for help might bother us even more when it comes to our education. Scratch that, asking for help bothers us especially when it comes to our education. What exactly are we afraid of? Everyone has to learn from somewhere; information doesn’t just show up in our brains one day. When school, work, or even little things in the everyday get to be too much, or we find ourselves wanting to broaden our horizons, tutoring is a great solution

Not convinced? Let’s look at some of the benefits. Tutoring gives you a better opportunity on personalized learning than any other source. In tutoring, you can choose what to focus on and gain knowledge in the areas you want. One-on-one teaching gives you the opportunity to have someone see how you learn best and apply that to the learning process. You can practice reading in your favorite genres. Math problems can apply to the experiences you might face in your dream job. Your personalized learning is the focal point, and sometimes we all need that.

Working with a tutor, and learning in general really, also runs into another benefit: confidence. When we feel like we lack the skills to be where we want to be in life, our self-esteem can take a deep hit. When you have the chance to learn with someone weekly, you get to watch as your skills grow. You have someone cheering you on, helping keep track of your progress, and encouraging you every step of the way. You can try to learn by yourself, but aren’t most things in life better in pairs?

Tutoring isn’t just beneficial to the student, either. On the flipside, tutors learn as they teach. College students might tutor in areas they’re still studying, increasingly expanding their understanding of the topic. Retired teachers still do what they love just by different means. If there is a topic you’ve specialized in, maybe you can turn around and offer your services to help someone understand that topic. People say giving back to the community is rewarding, and there are so many opportunities to do so, but think about how powerful it could be to help someone better understand the world of information around them. Tutors can help people of all ages open the doors to many different opportunities in the future by simply showing these people what someone else taught them. Passing on knowledge is a beautiful thing.

The Literacy Council of Western Arkansas has the opportunity for both: find a tutor or become one. You can call, ask for help, and start reaching your goals. Or you can click “Volunteer” on the website and you’ll see a simple phrase: “Becoming a tutor is easy.” It’s a statement that encompasses the effort gone through to make it easy for you to help. Ask for help or give it, both have their rewards. Just don’t be afraid to do either. There are kind people who want to see you get the best out of life, and choosing to become those kind people ourselves is the best way to keep the kindness going and pay tribute to those who have helped us.

Western Arkansas Literacy Council

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Kaitlin Butler

September 10, 2020

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