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Our Servies

Our tutor sessions provide you with dedicated learning that assists you in reading, writing, math, and much more.


In life we sometimes find ourselves needing an extra hand to propel us into a better future for us and our family. Let us help you with our services at no charge and finally be on a path to you want to be!


Improve your math, reading,science, social studies and writing to pass your GED exam!

Conversational English

Come practice your conversational skills and improve everyday communications.


Find out if you pre qualify and learn about your options as you get prepared for the interview, literacy, and civics test.

Adult Basic Education (ABE)

 These classes are designed for students who need to improve their basic reading, writing, and/or math levels.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

Improve English as your second language. Practice your letters, spelling, pronunciations, and conversation. Available at all levels.

Health, Financial, and Digital Literacy.

Learn how to take care of your health, acquire the ability to understand various financial skills, and the basics of internet use on a phone/laptop.

And More

Driver's License, mock interviews, how to write a check, register to vote, fill out a money order, pay bills online, etc.

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