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Welcome to our FREE

clothes closet

The closet is open Monday through Thursday, unless it is being organized or new donations are received. It opens at 9AM and closes at 1PM, but exceptions may be made if individuals contact beforehand.

Each person may be allowed between 10 to 15 minutes to browse, and take only what they need. They will be allowed to return in 1 to 2 weeks for more clothes.

We recommend calling ahead to see if the closet is open that day.

No identification is needed for this service.

Clothes Closet
Clothes Closet

The Literacy Council of Western Arkansas is dedicated to providing free clothing to individuals in need. Whether you are preparing for a job interview or simply in need of everyday attire, our closet is open to all. Browse our selection of gently used to new clothing items and find the perfect outfit for any occasion. Our mission with this project is to ensure that everyone has access to the clothing they require, promoting dignity and self-confidence within our community. We rely solely on the kindness of donations from individuals and other organizations. Explore our closet today and discover how we can help you dress for success!

Want to help? Find out what you can donate!

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